Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bubble liese hair colour : Sweet pink.

A super duper outdated post. But I still want to post it up because I have nothing better to do? hahaha.

It's y 2nd time using bubble liese hair colour. The very last time was actually using my 2nd sis' glossy brown residue. T.T

Nvm, anyway. Here it goes :D

The leftover after excessive foam being applied on my hair... Can you imagine how much??

Immediately after rinsing and washing... Looked like it just has brown colour right?
So I went back to KL the next day. Under the daylight it is more obvious and looks better. Pictures Below :

This is ugly and messy just to let you guys see the colour of fringe...

My hair really looks dry after dying it... that's why it called DYE. DIE.
It does have a soft touch of pink on the brown colour hair...

So today, my hair colour had became...

taken after around two months of dyeing my hair. im the centre one. can see the black roots and the colours faded away to brown colour...

Ling and me will make the ending today :D